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General Information (pdf)

EBR Concept
(update May 2010)
EBR Editorial Board
(update June 2015)
EBR General Guidelines
(update Aug. 2013)
EBR Review Guidelines for Editors
(update June 2015)

EBR Editorial Platform (pdf)

EBR Editorial Platform - Getting Started
(update May 2015)
EBR Editorial Platform - Notes for Editors
(update Aug. 2013)

EBR Style Guides (pdf)

EBR Bibliographical Guidelines
(update April 2014)
EBR Transliteration Guidelines
(update May 2015)
EBR Abbreviations
(update May 2014)
EBR Spellings and Capitalizations
(update Sept. 2013)

EBR Sample Articles (pdf) 

Cain and Abel
Cairo Codex

EBR Due Dates

Ho - Izz June 15, 2015
Ja - Ju Dec 15, 2015
Ka... May 15, 2016

Authors, please note: due dates you have agreed upon with your respective editor might differ.

EBR Forthcoming Volumes

Vol. 11 Halah - Holidays* July 2015
Vol. 12
Holiness* - Isis* December 2015
Vol. 13 Iskandar, Khirbet* - Judas Iskarioth* June 2016

* Contents of these volumes are only approximates.

EBR Editorial Platform

EBR Online Homepage

De Gruyter Homepage

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